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Uhhhhh, Cher Is on the New Wu-Tang Album

Her insanely relevant Twitter aside, no one could have predicted that Cher, the teflon gay icon, is so zeitgeist-y that she'd end up singing on Wu-Tang Clan's upcoming album The Wu - Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, but that's exactly what Rolling Stone is confirming today on their web site. Per her publicist: "She recorded her parts separately, so I don't believe there was direct interaction," says the rep, but that the album "includes special guest appearances by Bonnie Jo Mason," a pseudonym that Cher first used in 1964 for a song. The album's producer Tarik Azzougarh played a 51-second clip of the track for Forbes, which the writer noticed sounded strangely like Cher. The Wu, which was previewed yesterday, is not being released commercially, though one copy of the record will be pressed and released for auction—now Cher fans have a reason to get in on the action too.

Uhhhhh, Cher Is on the New Wu-Tang Album