Lit City Trax Producer Durban Is One of NYC’s Best Kept Secrets



Among the proliferation of grime and footwork-inspired producers that have been flooding the market of late, longtime J-Cush homie Durban, aka Joe Papas, has always felt like one of the New York experimental dance community’s best kept secrets, nailing each feat of rhythmic acrobatics with equal parts spaciousness and weight. Later this month, the London-born, Brooklyn-based producer will release his first proper EP, Chimes, via J-Cush’s Lit City Tracks. Here, we’re debuting “Spirals,” a mammoth-sounding hip-hop instrumental featuring bells, string sounds and some pretty fat-sounding bass. The record drops as a free download on May 19th, but I highly recommend parking yourself on his SoundCloud all afternoon long until then.

Stream: Durban, “Spirals”

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  1. yuggathugga says:

    all it took was this video for me to be a fan- #bestkeptsecret

  2. Confused says:

    Sometimes really love and sometimes get really confused on the curation on this blog. This actually sounds like chime-y, Fruity Loops, use the actual preset loops, ‘T.I. TYPE BEAT FIRE! 2013′ instrumental off youtube. Mammoth-sounding? This knocks more quietly than my mom barging into my room in 8th grade. Jesus.

  3. huh says:

    this guy must have some good connections lol

  4. keep him a secret says:

    is this a joke?