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Nicki Minaj Gets Deep on "Pills N Potions"

Nicki Minaj is, if anything, a fun rapper—she spits jokes as flawlessly as anyone out there, like the rap game Joan Rivers. So today's drop of "Pills N Potions," the first single off of her upcoming album, The Pink Print, is pleasantly surprising in how serious it is. After a 2014 spent releasing beastmode tracks that show off just how monstrously outsized a presence she is, it's nice to hear her introspective. She sings the chorus as sweetly as any pop singer on the planet, the lyrics are slow and deep, and the sum of those parts is actually fairly reminiscent of that glorious middle ground she found on one of the best Nicki songs ever, "Right Through Me." If anyone thinks they have any idea what The Pink Print will sound like, looks like Nicki is going to keep us guessing.

Nicki Minaj Gets Deep on "Pills N Potions"