Q-Tip Shoots Mariah Carey’s “Meteorite” Into The Sky

Tip remixes Mariah Carey’s cut with disco sheen.

May 23, 2014

I've only been to Q-Tip's bi-weekly DJ residency "Offline" once, for the after-party to the Yeezus tour's last night in New York City. Tip's "Thank You" single with Busta Rhymes had just dropped, and he and the rest of the members of Tribe Called Quest were opening for Kanye in what was reported to be their last concert ever. It was an interesting moment for the 20-year rap vet: his night started on stage with the understated, introspective vibes n' stuff that Tribe embodied, and ended with bright and boisterous disco loops of Alicia Myers (he ran "Thank You" back at least seven times during his DJ set).

Streaming this latest remix of Mariah Carey's "Meteorite," I'm reminded of the latter Tip, the one standing at the DJ booth that night with the red-hot pulsing of Output's LED display flooding him into silhouette. It's a hearty remix full of sweeps and drops, with Mariah's vocals recalling the anonymous post-disco divas of the early '80s. It's fun to see Tip at this stage in his career, a rapper by trade but DJ at heart, making the kind of music he'd want to wheel up in the club. Stream below, and go dance to it this long weekend.

Stream: Mariah Carey, "Meteorite" (Q-Tip Remix)

Q-Tip Shoots Mariah Carey’s “Meteorite” Into The Sky