Watch London Producer Blacksmif’s Powerfully Poetic New Video


My own blood / Won’t talk to me / My own blood / Walks from me, sings London producer Blacksmif in a deep and downcast voice on his new single, “My Own Blood”, out now on Ramp Recordings. Skippy percussion adds a little meat to his stripped back but rousing house beat, proving once again that contrast is everything in dance music. It’s that happy/sad thing: the most cutting of lyrics wrapped up in an ecstasy rhythm. This striking video echoes the song’s dynamic, presenting a nearly-nude model acting out symbolic poses in an almost poetic manner against a black backdrop. Providing the counterbalance to all that naked emotion, Blacksmif pops up at intervals in a buttoned up suit to sing his soulful lament. Directed by Youness Benali, it’s a powerful visual that asks questions of familial relationships and personal identity.

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