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Total Freedom Gets Groovy with a Green Screen


In September 2013, Ashland Mines aka LA's Total Freedom told The FADER in his GEN F interview that he was “just a DJ.” However, he recently took his talents to the UK-based web series Just Jam and we found ourselves convinced otherwise. He starts his live, hour-long set with an eerie introduction of Lil Jon’s dum dum dums permeating through cross-faded footage of Mines' spinning amidst trippy digital artwork. Once again, the weird magic of Just Jam’s artistic amalgamation lets us see Total Freedom in a new light as he slices and overlays vocals, bass, and snare that still sounds like LA, even when he's across the pond. Check Ratking's Just Jam performance here.

Posted: June 10, 2014
Total Freedom Gets Groovy with a Green Screen