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Listen to the Beyond Clueless Theme Song


Summer Camp, the duo of Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey, were known teen movie enthusiasts from the get-go; their first "single" was a cover of "I Only Have Eyes For You" that sampled a particularly biting monologue from Heathers ("You were a bluebird…you were a brownie….you were a Girl Scout cookie.") So it makes sense that the pair wound up composing the music for Beyond Clueless, a documentary directed by Charlie Lyne examining the surplus of American teen films made between 1995 and 2004. The doc's theme song, streaming below, is a nostalgic piece of guitar-pop that lyrically winks at some of these films and even directly quotes a few, like the doomed adolescent poetry from The Virgin Suicides: ("The trees like lungs filling up with air/ my sister, the mean one, pulling my hair") or the iconic "you're a waste of perfectly good yearbook space" dis from She's All That. A couple months ago, Charlie Lyne recommended eight teen movies that he thought we should watch immediately; revisit his picks right here.

Stream: Summer Camp, "Beyond Clueless"

Listen to the Beyond Clueless Theme Song