Rihanna’s Brother Made a Mixtape and It’s Not Bad

Rorrey Fenty, known as the Barbados-born rapper Gallest and far more likely known as the little brother of Rihanna, just dropped a mixtape titled Intolerable Cruelty and it’s not bad. Gallest offers respectable multi-syllabic bars and a blunted, coarse flow on this debut tape. Among the standouts are the slick “Cold World” and a freestyle over the skittering 808s of Jay Z and Rick Ross’ “FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt” instrumental. Though there are some cliché lines and a few of the project’s 15 tracks sound too similar, Gallest holds his own as an able emcee. It might just be time to get big sis on a hook. You can download Intolerable Cruelty here.

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