Sky Ferreira Gets the Celebrity Treatment on a Brazilian Talk Show

In America, sit down interviews on late night shows are generally reserved for stars in the Angelina Jolie realm of fame, but Brazil is apparently enamored enough of Sky Ferreira that she landed a spot on the couch on the TV show “The Noite.” And in true sensationalist celeb fashion, before she even got a chance to talk about her music, she was asked about the infamous cover of her album Night Time, My Time, which finds her topless and exposed in the shower. “Do you think people like your music because of the songs or because of the tits?” asked host Danilo Gentili. “The music, but it helps if you’re a pervert,” she responded. Watch the whole interview above, and a performance of “You’re Not The One” below, and if you need a primer on how toplessness has become an obsession in the culture recently, read Emilie Friedlander’s recent column about nudity as a weapon.

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