Watch a Poignant Tour Diary from Footwork Dance Crew The Era

Chicago footwork dancers Litebulb and co show their respects to DJ Rashad in this touching tour diary.

June 16, 2014


Emerging from the South Side of Chicago, The Era unites the city's foremost footwork dancers from the Red Legends and Goon Squad crews into one majorly next-level group that has close associations with the now-legendary Teklife collective. In this short but touching tour diary, dancers Litebulb and co pay their respects to late Teklife legend DJ Rashad and put the music into razor-sharp context at Lit City Trax's recent RBMA show—you can hear Jersey Club producer DJ Sliink showing vocal support for Teklife in the background—and later pausing for a spot of reflection on an NYC rooftop. To be a top footworker and make it into The Era requires respect and dedication, as the below clip of the crew practicing in the street in front of an antsy dumpster truck driver shows. All that hard work will be on display next week in Europe as The Era dancers will be joining Teklife don DJ Spinn on his tour this Saturday in Berlin, ending up at Glastonbury Festival the week after to inject a little footwork energy into the English countryside. Full dates below.

Tour dates with The Era dancers
June 21 - Mauerpark, Berlin, Germany
June 27 - Les Siestes Electronique, Toulouse, France
June 28 - Glastonbury Festival, Glastonbury, UK

Watch a Poignant Tour Diary from Footwork Dance Crew The Era