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Watch Quilt's Majestic "Eye of the Pearl" Video

Boston trio Quilt make music to soundtrack wanderlust. Last summer, I spent a few weeks ambling around the American Southwest and I remember vividly when the song "Young Gold" came up on shuffle in my friend's car while we were driving towards some hot springs just outside Albuquerque. I shouted from the backseat to turn it up and, for a few glorious minutes, everything synced-up with the music perfectly: the tar road that seemed to stretch out towards nothing, the brick-red rock formations blurring in my peripheral, whatever else. Considering their sound is so effective as road music for the restless, it was a smart aesthetic choice for the video for "Eye of the Pearl"—a pretty, harmonic folk song from Quilt's Held In Splendor LP—to follow the nomadic band through some exceedingly majestic scenery. They even stop by the oft-photographed, eccentric landmark Salvation Mountain, which never seems to lose any of its candy-colored charm no matter how frequently you look at it. Held In Splendor is out now on Mexican Summer.

Watch Quilt's Majestic "Eye of the Pearl" Video