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Listen to Liam Betson's Wordy Rock Gem, "The Primordial Will"

Last month we debuted "Pocket Knife," the first song from Liam Betson's new record, The Cover of Hunter. The former Titus Andronicus guitarist (who used to release his solo material as Liam The Younger) has shared the album's second single; "The Primordial Will" is the type of prosaic rock song that makes the inclusion of its full song lyrics on Soundcloud feel normal—crucial, even. It's like the 2014 version of buying a CD at the mall and sitting on your bed with the lyric booklet propped open, scouring the words for potential AIM away-message zingers. Do kids still do that? Do malls still sell CDs?? Are there still even malls??? Getting old is scary, but listening to this song—which sounds a lot like the warm, wordy guitar music I would have eagerly picked out at f.y.e. in the early aughts—I feel a little less disillusioned. The Cover of Hunter is out July 22nd via small-scale pop pushers Double Double Whammy.

Liam Betson, "The Primordial Will"

Listen to Liam Betson's Wordy Rock Gem, "The Primordial Will"