Watch Boogie’s “Let Me Rap” and Download a Potent New Mixtape, Thirst 48


Boogie’s droopy-eyed, lisped flow recalls the runt kid from high school whose ever-chill, spacey disposition got him more cool points than any jock. You can really only get a nickname like “Boogie” by being beloved by your whole hood, and the Long Beach native has clearly earned the title. On “Let Me Rap,” he catalogues absentee fathers and Instagram thots with a tone so casual you don’t even realize how peeved he is by what he sees wrong with his surroundings. It’s the kind of staring-at-the-world-through-my-rearview rap that dominates his Thirst 48 debut, premiering today. It’s also his son Darius’ birthday, who costars in the Jack Wagner-directed clip above.

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  1. dang says:

    “Thot” is now becoming a journalistic word. Weird.

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  3. Dane says:

    No disrespect to Fader but their music blog isn’t exactly the New York times. They write about music and blunts.