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A Hazy Day In The Life of Young L in “Allergic” Video

We premiere the latest clip from Young L’s MVP mixtape.

June 27, 2014


From his most recent mixtape MVP, Young L just released the video for the blissful "Allergic." L's been known for other-worldly beats since his days with The Pack, and this track remains committed to the loopy fringes of rap production. "Allergic" floats and hovers angelic, coupling well with Young L's relaxed auto-tuned musings on monetary success and deeply appreciating life. The video eschews a narrative through-line, and instead centers around Young L spitting into a rare golden land-line phone. Those domestic moments move the video into a surreal glimpse into the life of the Bay Area mainstay.

A Hazy Day In The Life of Young L in “Allergic” Video