Mick Jenkins and Supa Bwe Ask for Grants, Not Scholarships, On “Treat Me”


Here’s a new collaboration between Supa Bwe and Mick Jenkins, two of Chicago’s rising talents. Bwe’s emotive wails and Jenkins’ brooding baritone are among the signature voices emerging from the city’s next generation, and on “Treat Me (Caucasian),” both fire off lacerating lyrics about white privilege and institutionalized racism. Bwe goes off the Xan to ruminate on the deaths of Jordan Davis and Oscar Grant, while Jenkins channels Trayvon Martin on a search for clear water and equal benefits. No bands, no checks, just respect and “un-tripled sentences.” The song will appear on an upcoming EP by Hurt Everybody, the group comprising Bwe, Long Live Carl and Mulatto.

Stream: Mick Jenkins and Supa Bwe, “Treat Me (Caucasian)”

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