The Big Laughs and Bold Talk of 2014’s BET Awards

Watch performances from last night’s fairly epic BET Awards, including Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Pharrell and more.

June 30, 2014

2014's BET Awards were the usual cacophony of loose tongues, tight dresses and good-hearted ratchetry. Our personal highlights include Usher spitting his "Nice & Slow" verse, Mike Tyson threatening to unfollow Gary Owens on Twitter, the Silk reunion (!!!), and Phylicia Rashad outshining every honey dip with half a mixtape with no more than a glance and smile. Of course, Nicki reigned supreme, from her arrival on the red carpet to her sweet n' sour shadefest during her acceptance speech at the show's closing. She boasted of writing her own rhymes in a not-so-subtle stab at Iggy Azalea, confessed to a near-fatal health scare that she endured in silence for fear of paparazzi scandal, and ended with the proclamation "I don't care what anybody gotta say, I'ma do me." Never mind the copious amounts of flannels, gold chains and blood-red sneakers that draped every performer besides Lionel Richie—Nicki's lucidity and transparency might've been the Yeezus moment of the night, and we can only hope it's foreshadowing more big talk to come. Catch all the performances you missed below, or wait for BET to air it on repeat for the next 72 hours.

Pharrell and Missy Elliott – “Come Get It Bae” and “Pass That Dutch”

Lil’ Wayne – “Krazy” & “Believe Me”

John Legend and Jhene Aiko – “You & I” and “The Worst”

Chris Brown, Lil’ Wayne, Tyga & Travis Barker – “Loyal”

Usher – Medley

Jennifer Hudson – “Walk It Out” & “It’s Your World”

Nicki Minaj – “Chi-raq” and “Pills N’ Potions”

August Alsina, Trey Songz & Chris Brown – “Kisses & Tattoos,” “I Luv This S**t (Remix),” and “Na Na”

T.I. and Iggy Azalea – “No Mediocre” and “Fancy”

John Legend, Ledisi, Yolanda Adams – Lionel Richie Tribute

Lionel Richie – Medley

Robin Thicke – “Forever Love”

Beyoncé and Jay Z – “Partition (Remix)” (From the “On the Run” tour in Cincinatti, Ohio)

Posted: June 30, 2014
The Big Laughs and Bold Talk of 2014’s BET Awards