Zuse Never Stops Loving on His Flip of Jhene Aiko’s “The Worst”

The Worst

Jhene Aiko’sThe Worst” has become a venus fly trap for rappers trying to expose the real boy hidden behind their external persona. Jamaican-born, Atlanta-based Zuse approaches “The Worst” in a way that shows unguarded emotional weakness–a tear away from his hardened Young Thug collabs. Aiko’s original was of a relationship gone bad, one she cannot–and does not–want to leave, but Zuse here is desperately clinging to a love that’s stepping out of his life. Zuse recalls good times and wants to believe those moments are not coming to an end. That the “I don’ts” of the original are replaced with “I dos,” and twists a new dimension out of Aiko’s budding classic. Zuse’s new tape Plugged drops July 11th.

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