MNDSGN’s “Eggs” Sound Soft And Fluffy, & His Tape Drops This July



Ringgo Ancheta calls himself MNDSGN (pronounced mind design) because his dad is a neuroscientist. As a child, the beatsmith fled with his family from the Phillipines to escape Aum Supreme Truth, a terrorist cult responsible for a 1995 subway attack in Tokyo. The family settled in a rural New Jersey commune with no electricity, while father studied brains nearby at Princeton. It’s a rich origin story for the Stones Throw producer, now snug in the LA beat scene with a new album Surface Outtakes due July 8th on cassette via Leaving Records. “Eggs” is the first leak from the project: a dreamy, vamped out trip complete with soft rhodes and fluffy kick drums–well worthy of display space in the house that Dilla built. Stream below, and watch his Boiler Room “Breakfast with Ringgo” set streaming live below.

Stream: MNDSGN, “Eggs”

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