Watch J-Rock Visionary Shintaro Sakamoto’s Trippy “Birth of the Super Cult”


Shintaro Sakamoto, former lead singer and guitarist of the decades-running psychedelic J-rock group Yura Yura Teikoku, returns this year with his second solo album, Let’s Dance Raw, out September 16th via Other Music/Fat Possum. The record, as a whole, is guided by his newfound love of steel guitar playing, which renders the usually dazed-seeming Sakamoto like an even more zonked, hula-dancing lounge singer. On “Birth of the Super Cult,” he duets with himself via bizarrely pitched-up vocals; in the song’s video, he does one of the few things that could make that seem weirder: he gives that voice the body of a ventriloquist’s dummy. I could watch the clip, and his hair, forever. Preorder here, and check out the album art below.

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