Leikeli47 and Her Balaclava and PVC-Clad Girl Gang Are Here To “F*ck the Summer Up”

This summer, I’m not gonna say it’s my summer, buzzing New York rapper Leikeli47 claims. Rather, she’s on a mission to “F*ck the Summer Up,” with her highly-acrobatic flow on show, a self-produced beat (which she claims in the song to have made by breaking through the window in your kitchen, banging on the dishes) and the backing of a PVC skirt-and-bikini clad cool girl gang, too. These girls peel their balaclavas off when it comes time to kick back at the end of the night, but, Paper confirms, Leikeli47 made sure she kept her own face out of sight.

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  1. Leslie says:

    Dear Leikeli47,
    You are quite rad. Please keep doing what you’re doing.

    -Leslie + Jake

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