Gwilym Gold’s “Muscle” Is an Exercise in Vulnerability as Strength

Gwilym Gold


Gwilym Gold has the kind of voice that makes you lean in. It cracks at points, gently, intriguingly. “Muscle” is the first new single from the London-based artist since his 2012 album Tender Metal released on his own Bronze format (an app that, in essence, never played the same song the same way twice) and it’s a quiet triumph. Finger clicks provide the beat, while Gold’s spare piano playing tiptoes underneath that affecting voice. It’s being released on July 14th on a new label called Hymn, founded by White Cube gallery backed artist Eddie Peake who Gold first worked with when he provided a live soundtrack to Peake’s Infinite Disparity performance piece last year. Peake also created the artwork for “Muscle,” a photo of a nude that nails the strength-in-vulnerability thing that Gold has going on.

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  1. GG says:

    I wasn’t sure I’d like this track but seeing as I’ve just seen a woman’s tits I have no choice but to like it.

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