Watch Wara From The NBHD Barely Keep His Day Job in “Beige”


Wara‘s “Beige” snags the open congo drums from Pharrell & Jay Z’s “I Know” to win ears quick before getting to the meat: Maybe it’s my self-esteem, the Atlanta-based MC wonders aloud before pondering his own insignificance while mopping floors with his two fellow janitors. Before long, the trio ditch their dayshift to hit the Miami streets with Super Soakers, and Wara compares his skin complexion to the off-white tint of the crack rocks he slings. It’s solid, aspirational rap with a slacker wit: the same winking personality we caught from Wara on stage at FADER Fort shines through in this new clip. Wara’s self-produced Kidnapped drops July 29th, and has a pretty incredible album cover. If you’re in the Atlanta area, Wara’s hosting a water fight in Piedmont Park this afternoon to celebrate the premiere.

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