Listen to Jerry Paper’s Inter-Dimensional Pop Song, “Real. Now. Love.”

jerry paper


Jerry Paper is the alias of twentysomething NYC busboy Lucas W. Nathan. His new full-length using that moniker is called Big Pop For Chameleon World and, according to a press release, it’s about “an inter-dimensional infinite man existing in a finite world, the discomfort of existence in Body World, and love as the pinnacle of our time here.” Album track “Real. Now. Love” is an almost too-chill-to-function pop song that explores those ideas; Nathan sings lines like I get confused/ priorities jumbled/ and then I look at your face over pleasant synth whistles and stuttering percussion. His concepts might seem high-minded, but I think what he’s saying here is actually pretty sweet and simple: in a world where everything’s a copy of a copy of a copy, love—though intangible—is as real as it gets. Big Pop For Chameleon World is out August 20th on Brooklyn-based label Orange Milk Records.

Stream: Jerry Paper, “Real. Now. Love.”

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