B.o.B. & Ty Dolla $ign Are Up to Old Tricks in “Drunk AF”

B.o.B. and Ty Dolla $ign already teamed up on the video version of “Paranoid“–R.I.P. Joe Moses’ original verse–where the two messed with the wrong women and wound up six feet deep. Have they learned their lesson? Of course not! The Ty$-produced “Drunk AF” from B.o.B.’s latest mixtape No Genre 2 has the two acting a fool all over again, but at least they’re dressed to the nines this time around: hosting a wedding after-party with champagne flowing, blunt smoking and, of course, twerking for all. We’d like to say this is exactly how our F92 Issue Release Party looked this past Tuesday, but that’d be an understatement.

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