London’s GEoRGiA Makes Gritty Pop with Guts; Listen To “Digits” Now



Technology has a lot of answer for. Yeah, internet internet internet. But in matters of the heart, we’re all at the mercy of the latest gadgetry. Once upon a time, a grubby love note that’d spent three weeks tied to the scabby leg of a carrier pigeon would’ve kept you going all winter. These days, fail to respond to a Whatsapp message within 0.005 of a second and it’s OVER. It is refreshing, therefore, that London producer, drummer and popstar-in-the-making GEoRGiA is sidestepping the mind games to cut to the chase: These digits are bridges, so ring it / when you need it, she sings on “Digits” from her debt EP Come In (out July 21st on Kaya Kaya Records). It’s pop with guts, hinging off a squidgy, yo-yo synth-line and some tinny percussion—kind of a gnarly landscape, really, but one that GEoRGiA’s rich, assertive voice makes light work of.

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