Stream Guitarist Daniel Bachman’s Latest, Greatest LP, Orange Co. Serenade

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I’ve cited this interview before, but it’s just one of my favorites. Spoke to the newly North Carolina-based guitarist Daniel Bachman last year around the release of his album Jesus I’m a Sinner, and he got on a jag about why he stays making music: “Fucking every year I’m like, ‘I’m getting out of this,’ and I keep getting deeper, so I can’t say for sure… It’s fun right now, and something for some reason works. So I might as well just kind of go with it for the time being. I dunno. It’s crazy. Life is weird, man. Fuck!” Fortunately, that thing that works still works, and better than ever. Today, Bachman returns with a new album, Orange Co. Serenade, out via Bathetic. “Up and Down the C&O” might be my favorite song he’s ever released, these nail-y drones dragging and his fingers seeming to pick four instruments at once—and in those four guitars, I find, there sounds to be a better world. Stream below, download now on iTunes and, below, watch three live videos of Bachman performing the songs in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Stream: Daniel Bachman’s Orange Co. Serenade

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