Merchandise Embrace the Unreal in “Enemy” Video

The reformed punks in Tampa, FL’s Merchandise are busy prepping their first release for 4AD, a collection of glittery, goth-y guitar pop called After the End. Tuesday, they shared “Enemy,” the second bummed strummer from that record, and an accompanying video. Timothy Saccenti, who has previously handled clips for the likes of Flying Lotus, Animal Collective, and Washed Out—directs a typically inscrutable visual that features frontman Carson Cox in a whole host of surreal situations, including but not limited to: digging an eyeball out of the ground, wearing a masquerade mask, and standing in the midst of a circle of light. The track itself follows in the tradition of “Little Killer” before it, featuring shimmering acoustic guitar lines and Cox’s usual melodrama. Watch the video before and catch After the End on August 25th.

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