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Watch the Vampiric Video for Chelsea Wolfe’s “The Waves Have Come”

The LA artist releases a ominous music video, which is part of an upcoming film with director Mark Pellington.

July 24, 2014

Vampiric ballad-maker Chelsea Wolfe sits somberly in her evening gown, nearly blending into the blood-colored walls of the ominous room that her whispery vocals fill up. It’s the kind of scene that her recent album Pain Is Beauty effortlessly evokes, but has come to life in her music video for “The Waves Have Come.” Directed by crime mystery filmmaker Mark Pellington, Wolfe’s shadowed face, singing prophecies of doom, is interspersed with old crackling home footage, collapsing buildings, and earthly chaos—almost like a dramatic version of True Blood’s famous opening credits. The seven minute track disappears into a blur of orchestral-accompanied emotion, and is just a short part of an upcoming collaborative film between Mark Pellington and Chelsea Wolfe entitled Lone. Watch “The Waves Have Come” above and the trailer for Lone below, and read our 2013 interview with Chelsea Wolfe here.

Posted: July 24, 2014
Watch the Vampiric Video for Chelsea Wolfe’s “The Waves Have Come”