How To Dress Well Shares Hidden Track from <”m>"What Is This Hea”t?" Deluxe Edition

Tom Krell releases a stripped-down bonus cut from the deluxe edition of his latest LP.

July 24, 2014

Die-hard fans of How To Dress Well have likely already heard “Let U Know,” one of two tracks that accompany the deluxe version of Tom Krell’s latest emotionally-charged album, “What Is This Heart?” For anyone who didn’t purchase one of the triple pack of LP’s and accompanying 28-page booklet, one of two bonus tracks off the deluxe version’s etched 10-inch was just released today, and it’s as stripped-down and bruised as it gets. The track's Soundcloud description informs us that "Let U Know" is a partial cover of Krell's friend and Berlin-based musician oFF Love's track of the same name. It also quoted Krell on why "Let U Know" didnt make it onto the record:

"In singing 'Let U Know,' I discovered the title of my album and a lot of its meaning—I needed this song to be heard by people, even though I couldn't find a place for it on the album proper. When I made this song, singing over a song originally by one of my best friends, a lot of what I'd developed on "WITH?" just came clear to me—these questions, these relationships with the past and the future, all this love..."

Stream the track below, check out his album "What Is This Heart?" and read about Krell's pre-show rituals in our summer singing secrets feature.

How To Dress Well Shares Hidden Track from <”m>"What Is This Hea”t?" Deluxe Edition