Young Trendsetters: An Interview With “No Flex Zone” Brothers Rae Sremmurd

Read an interview with young new Atlanta duo Rae Sremmurd.

July 25, 2014

Two pint-sized Atlanta pitbulls on their runaway summer hit

Rae Sremmurd have youthful excitement to spare. It's heard in the high-pitched chirp of “No Flex Zone,” joyride rap that bounces with turboized springs. The inescapable single from brothers Swae Lee and Slim Jimmy has launched them from their humble Mississippi roots to Atlanta studios, as well as remixes from Nicki Minaj and Pusha T. The handful of singles they've released under the guidance of producer Mike Will Made It have started parties across the country, and that same young jubilance has breathed new life into Mike Will's saturated club sound. Landing somewhere between 20 and 12 years old, Rae Sremmurd almost give slight Kriss Kross vibes--there's an playful adolescence that defines their music, and was apparent when we spoke to the duo last week, on and off the record.

How you guys get started doing music? SWAE LEE: We had been doing music and stuff since we were little babies, but just got started recording on a little computer mic and we had some studio software (Sonar 6). And we just learning how to use it and just started making songs.

What was your earlier music like? Who did you sound like and kind of style were you going for? SWAE LEE: We didn’t sound like anybody, but we were just going for a good exciting sound. SLIM JIMMY: We used to make real energetic party songs, like music the music we are doing right now.

What’s it been like working with Mike Will Made It? SWAE LEE: It’s always good. SLIM JIMMY: It’s like always good energy and good vibes, it’s definitely a blessing.

Could you describe working with him? SLIM JIMMY: He always—*interrupted* SWAE LEE: *grunts and shouts imitating Mike Will Made It* Both: *laughs* SLIM JIMMY: We always throwing out good idea, and we always going back and forth with ideas and stuff like that. It’s really all about quality when working with Mike Will trying to make the best sounds you can make.

Before you met up with him and you were doing your own music, what other things were you guys doing for fun in Mississippi? SWAE LEE: We used to go to parties and DJ parties. SLIM JIMMY: DJ Parties. Swae Lee: Throw parties at our house that we had at one time.

What was one of the first track you worked on with Mike Will? SWAE LEE: “No Flex Zone,” “Why Enough.” SLIM JIMMY: “We.” SWAE LEE: Yeah “We” was the very first track.

Now that “No Flex Zone” has been getting pretty big and pretty popular have you noticed any changes in popularity going out or at your shows? SWAE LEE: Yeah, when we perform and stuff people know it and um people want to know it if they don’t it. And the club will keep moving, turning up and dancing and jumping around, screaming. And definitely the girls, the girls know who we are. Know what I’m saying, it’s always love.

How do you feel about getting names like Nicki Minaj and Pusha T on your song? SWAE LEE: I’m just grateful, to keep working to keep moving. SLIM JIMMY: Definitely grateful man. We know there are not a lot of people can get these type of people on their songs, so we grateful for it.

Any last things you guys wanted to say? SWAE LEE: Slim Jimmy is 30 years old. And Sremm life riding in the front seat. 50 years of Sremm. BOTH: 50 Years. Might even be touring at 80. I'm gonna have a cane and I'm gonna be turning up.

Posted: July 25, 2014
Young Trendsetters: An Interview With “No Flex Zone” Brothers Rae Sremmurd