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American Two Shot’s “Catching Feelings” Tee Has Us Lovesick

Chinatown boutique American Two Shot debuts a via Instagram.

August 08, 2014

It’s that time of year when carefree summer flings either evaporate into dust or turn into a full-fledged romance. So whether you’re dodging Cupid's arrows or succumbing to the love-bug, American Two Shot’s newly stocked “Catching Feelings” tee is a must-have. The boutique/coffee-shop/art-space, situated right at the border of SoHo and Chinatown, is run by Olivia Wolfe and Stephanie Krasnoff--judging by their lively Instagram, the duo seemingly spend their days in the dressing room of their own store, selfie-ing their way to t-shirt-wearing fame. Lately they’ve blessed our feed with a few other tight shirts from clothing brand T's, including double-sided “Ride or Die” and subtle “Sensitive Thug” tees, but “Catching Feelings” brings that much needed dose of realness and emotions amid all the sass.

Posted: August 08, 2014
American Two Shot’s “Catching Feelings” Tee Has Us Lovesick