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Stream Vince Staples’ Twisted G-Funk on “Blue Suede”

Vince Staples drops a haunting new single in anticipation of his upcoming album Hell Can Wait.

August 12, 2014

Vince Staples' upcoming album is called Hell Can Wait. That title alone might inspire some chilling music--Staples' opening single "Blue Suede" borrows from the west coast G-Funk in a twisted way. The song doesn't quite have the reverence of west coasters remaking 90s classics; "Blue Suede" rumbles and quakes in high frequencies that sound ready to break whatever sound equipment might blast it too loud. Once the song comes to an end and Vince mentions All I wanted was them Jordans with blue suede on them, it's hard to believe such sonic destruction was made in the name of some OG XVIIIs.

Stream: Vince Staples, "Blue Suede"

Stream Vince Staples’ Twisted G-Funk on “Blue Suede”