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Houston's Cory Jreamz Screams Through His Issues on "Freedom"

Houston-based rapper Cory Jreamz asks two questions on his latest track "Freedom": What does freedom feel like? and What is the cost of a nigga's freedom? The questions are asked through garish electronics, as though every word is ripping through a mouth wired shut. His verses dive into these rhetorical questions, but find any quick or easy answer to such weighty questions. Jreamz ends up musing on interracial couples, cop shootings, and culture vultures--if the metallic, electronic production doesn't exactly recall Yeezus then those particular concerns certainly will. The song wrestles with a lot of issues that reveal themselves with each successive listen--all we ask of our favorite rap songs.

Stream: Cory Jreamz, "Freedom"

Houston's Cory Jreamz Screams Through His Issues on "Freedom"