Torn Hawk Bids an Old Love Farewell with “I’m Flexible”

The New York producer’s ’et's Cry and Do Push Ups at the Same Time will surface on Mexican Summer

August 28, 2014

Under the moniker Torn Hawk, Brooklyn-based producer Luke Wyatt has turned warped guitar workouts into hazy VHS dreams on a host of experimentally minded dance labels like 1080p, L.I.E.S., and Not Not Fun, but for his Mexican Summer debut, Let's Cry and Do Pushups at the Same Time, he's decided that the time has come to make a change. "This record takes me one step closer to dumping the girlfriend named Irony Cynicism Irreverence," Wyatt said to us in an email. "Maybe you heard of her? She doesn’t take anything seriously. I responded to a classified ad in the back of The New York Review of Books from a lady who’s a lot more grown up. Her name is Sincere Unapologetic Craftsmanship."

New single "I'm Flexible" underscores that strange mission statement, using chatty synths and ribbons of distressed guitar to craft a sputtering instrumental that is far too emotionally affecting to suggest that Wyatt's tongue is anywhere near his cheek. That said, the track's accompanying visual, below, features flapping American flags and Wyatt in a full-on Guitar Center advertisement power stance, so maybe he hasn't figured out how to quit Ms. Irreverence quite yet. Let's Cry and Do Pushups at the Same Time is due out November 11.

Posted: August 28, 2014
Torn Hawk Bids an Old Love Farewell with “I’m Flexible”