Art Show: DKNY and RAAT City Present “New Art City”

Last night, downtown NYC's finest young artists gathered to put together New Art City, an exhibition presented by DKNY. 

August 29, 2014

The only thing that brings the downtown NYC crowd together faster than the re-opening of Max Fish is a one-night art show presented by DKNY Jeans and Raat City. Oh, and an artist roster that includes well-known scenesters such as Jeannette Hayes, Miyako Bellizzi, and Niki Takesh doesn't hurt either. 

Last night, everyone from the fashion elite to the older, artsy bunch gathered at The Safari Gallery in Soho to feast their eyes on new work from some of New York City's most promising young artists. Curated by Raat City's Carlos Santollala and John Tuite, the show featured a range of photographs, paintings, and installations that accurately represent the young, devil-may-care spirit of the younger art scene in New York. Doing double duty as model and photographer, Santollala's intimate portraits of his beautiful friends in lush, colorful settings rounded out the show and Chloe Wise's challah backpack gave the entire Prada fashion house a run for their money. While all of the artwork did manage to impress and astound, the real life of the party was Matt Starr's back room installation that featured mini trampolines, a treadmill, and various items that all bore the word "DIET" in stark, white lettering. A gorgeous view of blue skies and white clouds were also projected onto the walls so that guests had ample time to get in their #NWTS selfies in while burning calories on that treadmill. 

While the show was presented by DKNY jeans as part of their #wearenyc fall/winter campaign, the only noticeable presence of the brand was the various DKNY logo tees and retro pieces seen on the bodies of the beautiful peeps in the show. DKNY took a chance, and we think they made the right choice partnering with the Raat City duo. Here's to a future where corporate fashion houses can come together in perfect harmony with the young art collectives that sport their gear on the daily. Check out photos from the show below.

Art Show: DKNY and RAAT City Present “New Art City”