Hear FKA Twigs’ Otherworldly Cover of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”

Smith’s ballad gets roughed up by Twigs’ distorted electronics.

September 06, 2014

Extraterrestrial being FKA Twigs blessed Radio 1's Live Lounge with her presence this afternoon for an interview as well as live performances, including her own take on Sam Smith's "Stay With Me."

Listen back to the show here; you can hear Twigs being interviewed from the 01.11 mark, and skip forward to 01.40 to hear her live rendition of "Two Weeks" and 01.48 for "Stay With Me."

Speaking to presenter Alice Levine in a small and unassuming voice, she promises to "keep it sensual and keep it contained." Things take a turn for the adorable when Levine reads out a text from a listener saying that it's their favourite Live Lounge ever, and Twigs audibly gasps.

The arrangement of Smith's ballad is Twigs all over: bass swings like a pendulum and vocal snippets groan behind her pared-back, sharp-tongued delivery. On why she chose to cover the track, Twigs clarifies: "There was one line which basically alludes to saying, 'I'm not in love with you and maybe this isn't a serious thing, but it's perfect for right now and it's what I need emotionally right now,' and maybe that's just something that I have related to." 

For more, read our cover stories on Twigs and Sam Smith, and excuse us while we make like the Jenner sisters with this cover on repeat.

Hear FKA Twigs’ Otherworldly Cover of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”