Draveng Shares Elastic, Pounding New Track “For Thin Soles”

Off his forthcoming The Dubious Smink EP on Physical Therapy’s label, Allergy Season

Draveng - The FADER
Photographer Julia Burlingham
September 11, 2014

Club music in itself often evokes a club setting. Right now is a thrilling moment for club music because certain producers are genuinely, experimentally reinterpreting what a “club setting” is. Adam Harper’s System Focus column for us on “Epic Collage” is certainly relevant here, which Scott Wilson builds insightfully upon in a piece called “Hypothetical Club Constructions” for JunoPlus. This 032c interview with the Janus collective—which is co-founded by Gen F alumn Lotic—is also well worth reading. 

Draveng’s new Dubious Smink EP on Physical Therapy’s label Allergy Season very compellingly adds itself to the conversation. The track below, "For Thin Soles," starts off with three minutes of glowing slide guitar-esque synths set against an unhinged, muscle-relaxing percussion loop which undergoes nimble and fluid sound design modification. It is clear that this is not music for just any club. When the beat drops, kind of out of nowhere, what sounds like a cross between water being slurped and an elastically twisted piece of plastic starts winding up, and it just doesn’t stop. Five minutes later, you’ve lost track of time and what you were thinking about before the song, and then you play it again. It seems like you might have to lose your mind a little bit to get to whatever club Draveng had in mind for this track.

Posted: September 11, 2014
Draveng Shares Elastic, Pounding New Track “For Thin Soles”