In Other News: Fugazi Demos, PC Music, and Maps to the Stars

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September 18, 2014

Hey London: PC Music Fam Are Playing a Free Show

On September 24th, some artists from the hyperrealist pop community PC Music and its peripheral orbit are getting together for a free show at Miranda Bar, the downstairs venue at London's ACE Hotel. Danny L Harle and GFOTY are performing live, while Kane West, Spinee and more will D.  Read more over at Dummy and find out how to RSVP here. If we were the type of people to throw the term "fomo" around, we'd probably use it here. 

Fugazi's First Demo Is Coming

This isn't breaking news, but it's worth repeating: on November 18th, post-hardcore icons Fugazi will release First Demo, a #rare collection of eleven songs they recorded in a basement studio in 1988. Read a zine interview with the band from around that time to get psyched.

The Aphex Twin Album Leaked; Look for The FADER S/O on the Back Cover 

Syro leaked today. Whether you listened or not, it's a moment. As previously reported, the album's back cover, which features a detailed, itemized list of all the expenses that went into making the record, mentions The FADER. We're under "print advertising" alongside VICE, lol. Pitchfork released their cover story on the British electronic musician today, too. 

David Cronenberg's Maps to the Stars Looks Crazy

The Canadian filmmaker's latest stars Julianne Moore as an unraveling actress. The trailer, embedded above, looks campy and tense as hell. Dazed has an interview with supporting actress Sarah Gadon—who plays a ghost—along with an exclusive clip.

And, Finally...

A cell phone snapshot of Don Delillo and Richard Prince hanging out.


In Other News: Fugazi Demos, PC Music, and Maps to the Stars