In Other News: DJ Spinn’s Rashad Tribute, a Jay Z-themed Art Exihbit and more

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September 22, 2014

Watch DJ Spinn's Pitchfork Fest Set, A Tribute to DJ Rashad 

Watch as dozens of DJs, dancers, and rappers go wild on stage during DJ Spinn's feel-great set at Pitchfork Festival this past summer in Chicago. The performance—which got the crowd hyped in a real way—was in memory of his long-time collaborator and footwork pioneer DJ Rashad

Seth Rogen and James Franco Detail Kanye's Reaction to their "Bound 2" Re-Enactment

Backstage at The Tonight Show, Rogen and Franco opened up about the rapper's reaction to their next-level, shot-for-shot parody of his weirdly iconic music video. “So, I saw him in the hotel and I instantly was super apologetic," Rogen said. "He said that he thought it was funny, thank God. I was like, ‘Man, it was funny, it took us like three hours to make that.’ He was like, ‘Man, you guys spent more time working on it than we did." Read more over at HipHopDX

Swedish Artist to Exhibit Childhood Photos, All Edited to Include Jay-Z

In a new show called "Raised by Jay Z," Swedish artist Tony Lorenzi is exhibiting his childhood snapshots. The twist? All the images are photoshopped to, in some way, include Jay Z. "To me, hip-hop has meant almost as much to me as my parents," Lorenzi says of the concept. The series will be on display on October 15th—for one day only—at Reed Space in NYC. 

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In Other News: DJ Spinn’s Rashad Tribute, a Jay Z-themed Art Exihbit and more