FADER Mix: Robin Schulz

The blockbuster German DJ shares an exclusive mix to celebrate his new album, Prayer. Sounds like a million-dollar vacation.

October 07, 2014

Stars rise from unexpected places. The German producer and DJ Robin Schulz, to the unfortunately uninitiated, has made a blockbuster name for himself with remixes of non-blockbuster songs. This summer, his festival-ready flip of a 2010 Israeli folk song went #1 in 10 countries; his style of tastefully painting vibey non-dance music over colossal house buildups and synth washes bodes well for more fire in the future. Most everything he does sounds like a million-dollar vacation—funny, because at the moment of our quick chat for his FADER mix, he was out in Dubai looking at the world's tallest building. Download the mix, grab his hit "Prayer in C" and the whole Prayer album here, via Big Beat, and check him out stateside this January—tracklist and dates are down below.

Where are you right now? I just arrived in Dubai today, will play here on Thursday for a show on a rooftop. Its f**king hot here. I have a nice view to the highest building of the world, the Burj Khalifa, from my hotel room right now. 

How would you describe this mix? What were you feeling when you made it? The mix includes my current favorite tracks. It should be something special for you guys in the US, hope you like it. 

Why do you think worldwide hits are having an easier time than ever breaking in the U.S.? What are some elements a song can have that will make it more universally appealing? I think that the "deep house movement " or generally electronic music is just hitting the US heavily. I get a lot of emails and requests from the US and I can't wait to play my first US tour! Very exciting.

What are you looking forward to about it? I’m really excited±it was always a dream to go the US. I had my first vacation there last November and now I will have my first tour over there. I’m really looking forward to playing in cities like New York, San Francisco and many more. 

What's your favorite dish to cook and how do you make it? Just simple Spaghetti Bolognese, I heat up some olive oil and smoke some garlic. Then I cook the meat together with carrots, celery and bay leaf. 


1. Masieno – Tom B.
2. My Love – C-Ro
3. Snowflake – Pingpong & Robin Schulz
4. What I Want – KariK & Ofenbach
5. Sweet Moments – Bukka & Barsch
6. Prayer In C – Lillywood & Robin Schulz
7. Feel – Calme
8. Paint Me Like A French Girl ( ManiezzL Rmx ) – Breakdlaw
9. Back Home – Mynga
10. Something New - FAUL
11. Hey Girl – Pretty Pink
12. Sun Goes Down – Robin Schulz feat Jasmine Thompson

Tour Dates

Jan 09 – New York, NY – Webster Hall
Jan 10 – Toronto, ON – The Hoxton
Jan 14 – Vancouver, BC – Celebrities
Jan 15 – Seattle, WA – Foundation Nightclub
Jan 16 – Los Angeles, CA – Exchange LA
Jan 17 – San Francisco, CA – Ruby Skye
Jan 21 – San Diego, CA – Bang Bang
Jan 22 – Denver, CO – Beta Nightclub
Jan 23 – Chicago, IL – The MID
Jan 24 – Montreal, QC – New City Gas

FADER Mix: Robin Schulz