D33J Whips Rich Gang’s “Lifestyle” Into A Whole New Shape

He shakes Birdman, Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan’s mega-track until everything’s knocked loose and no one can remember what they were talking about.

October 15, 2014

I can't stop listening to D33J of WeDidIt's rework of the Birdman/Young Thug/Rich Homie Quan mega-track, especially after last night's bizarre, surreal take (elaborate secret handshake included) at the BET Awards. D33J breaks the sleepy paean down and resurrects it as a wavy, thumping jam that isn't really about anything except making you feel a lil drunk. D33J isn't new to reworking massive hits, shaking them until everything's knocked loose and no one can remember what they were talking about, but his "Lifestyle" remix is more grown, layered, and thoughtful than just about anything's he's done in the past. It's catchy but not saccharine and I think it would sound really at home playing at a strip club, in the future, in space. This "vacation" remix isn't like any vacations I've ever taken, but it's structured and sensual and is so satisfying. 

Lead image courtesy of D33J.

D33J Whips Rich Gang’s “Lifestyle” Into A Whole New Shape