We Talked To Stylish Teens At Asspizza, Luka Sabbat, And Mike The Ruler’s Meet Up at Union Square

High school cafeteria vibes on 10.

November 04, 2014

If you saw a group of kids clustered around a trash can in Union Square this afternoon, chances are they know more about fashion than you ever will. Organized by Asspizza (real name: Austin Butts), model and stylist Luka Sabbat, and fashion phenom Mike The Ruler, the gathering was a response to low-key invitations the trio posted on social media this morning. "BE THERE," Mike The Ruler's Instagram read. "BIG ASS MEETUP...IF YOU GOT A BRAND BRING SHIT." The result was a meet and greet that possessed the dynamics of a high school cafeteria: Luka, Austin, and Mike signed and doodled on merch, fucked around with their friends, and posed for pictures, while a crowd of boys decked out in Helmut Lang—and two giggling girls—milled around the periphery. We stopped a few of them to talk about personal style, their favorite designers, and what's up next in streetwear.

Mike The Ruler, 15, @miketheruler

What are your three favorite lines? Supreme is number one. Number two is Helmut Lang, but when he was actually designing it. Those are my two favorites. I also really like Rick Owens.

Do you get sent a lot of clothes? I get sent a lot of free shit. People think I'm rich but I'm not, I just get so much free shit and I find shit on eBay.

Who's next up? He's already kind of making it, but Telfar Clemens is a really good designer.

What are you wearing today? A Supreme hoodie, Helmut Lang jeans from 1999, and Timberlands.

How has your style been changing? I'm just not wearing dumb fashion stuff. I'm done with that whole up-and-coming shit. I just like real shit.

Do you see yourself as an icon? I wouldn't consider anyone an icon because everyone is their own person. Everyone has their own perspective. If you think you're an icon, you can be an icon.

What are you doing after this? I have school but I'm probably gonna skip it.

Luka Sabbat, 16, @whoisluka

Is this event something that you're going to do more often? I'm gonna do this daily now. I've got some kids coming from Boston and Long Island right now, they're on their way. Someone who was 20 asked me to sign his shirt and I was like, That's weird I'm younger than you!

How does that make you feel? I'm very flattered. I got some grown-ass people looking at me.

What are your three favorite brands? Gianni Mora, I like some Supreme shit, and Rick Owens.

How would you describe your style? It depends on my mood. Sometimes I get up and I want to dress cozy, sometimes I want to dress all black. Mostly I go for all black but I do all types of things. I'm relatively simple with my style, but it's the little things, like a red hoodie and simple necklaces.

What are you doing after this? I'm gonna get pizza. I'm hungry.

Jahim Clarke, 15, @brownskinpapiiii

Why are you here today? I have my own brand called RebelxSociety. Hopefully in the future, I'll have my own store in Soho. I want people wearing my clothing, spreading the love.

What designers do you look up to? Ian Connor. He was considered an outcast and ugly, and then he just came up with a passion for fashion and designing and exploded.

What are you wearing today? Right now I'm wearing Maison Martin Margielas, black jeans, a Bathing Ape shirt, and a thrift store fishing vest.

What's next up in streetwear? Hopefully I'm next up.

Nate Carty, 20, @nate.carty

What are you wearing today? Converse x Commes des Garcons I got for free, jeans from H&M, a DKNY x Opening Ceremony shirt, and a vintage Levi's jean jacket. The chain I've had since I was a baby, that's from my mom.

What are you doing here? I'm here to support my friend Luka.

What do you do? I'm a professional model, I'm signed with Red.

What are your three favorite brands? Uniqlo, because of the quality, Marc Jacobs, and Alexander Wang.

Who's next up? My friend Spencer Lee, his stuff is pretty good. He's had it at VFiles.

Malachai Spivey, 18, @malachaispivey

What are you doing here today? These are all my boys. They're doing it for the kids, signing some shit. So we're just out here chilling right now.

What do you do? I model. I'm freelance right now, but I'm trying to get signed.

What are you wearing? This green army fatigue jacket, Alexander Wang long sleeve tee, some white denim jeans, and wheat Timbs.

Akeem, 21, @mcdxpe

What are you doing here today? I'm just chilling. I feel the vibe, there's the best people here, I'm just cooling.

What are you wearing? Custom Timbs I made, custom Levi's, the sweater is H&M, basic shit.

Are you involved in fashion? I got a little clothing line coming out sooner or later.

What are your three favorite lines? BBC, I fuck with Zara.

Arman Andican, 15

Did you come here to get things signed? Yeah, this Asspizza hoodie, I already got it signed.

What are you wearing? Asspizza hoodie, my BAPE hat, some poor man jeans I think Levi's, and BAPES.

Who are your three favorite designers? Arman Andican and Drake Bell. Are you actually gonna put this on FADER?

We Talked To Stylish Teens At Asspizza, Luka Sabbat, And Mike The Ruler’s Meet Up at Union Square