Bloom Tosses Grime In A Garbage Compressor On “Cold Grip”

The UK producer thinks this wonderful track resembles “straight-up grime,” which is confusing but delightful.

Photographer Ellius Grace
November 06, 2014

Listening to Bloom has always been kind of a marvel, and his forthcoming Hydraulics EP, due November 11th on Crazylegs, is thrillingly up to par. We're premiering "Cold Grip" from the release below—it's a track with the mountainous, Dolby-detailed sound design of battle scenes in the latest Transformers movie, filled out with a dizzying breadth of samples crammed together as if squashed by an industrial-strength garbage compressor. While that description might make his music seem like an obtuse experimental missive into the furthest horizons of digitalia, Bloom told us otherwise: "'Cold Grip' is the most straight-up grime track on the EP in my eyes. I've been messing about with harsher, metallic sounds for a while, trying to make tracks that bang with minimal elements. Cold Grip is the one that sticks closest to that grime template I think." Brace yourself and press play below.

Posted: November 06, 2014
Bloom Tosses Grime In A Garbage Compressor On “Cold Grip”