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Quavo Addresses Chain Theft On “Tha Truth”

“All this for a QC chain?”

Photographer Ben Grieme
November 25, 2014

On November 16th, Quavo had one of his many trademark chains snatched from his neck after a show at the Stadium Club in Washington DC. Chief Keef's GBE crew was initially assumed to have been involved in the theft, but over the weekend a group of DC rappers called the Legg Team (affiliates of Fat Trel) claimed responsibility for the theft in an interview with RealTalkHipHop.

Now Quavo has addressed the incident with a song called "Tha Truth," on which he talks about what occurred (perhaps last time). After replaying footage from a FaceTime phone call made to one of the alleged chain thieves, unravels the evening as he experienced it:

I'ma tell em how it went down
Nigga jumped off the stage
Thought of walking through the crowd
I'm the last one walking through the door
So they took the opportunity to hit a lick now
One nigga tried to go snatch it
Hit 'em with the Hennessy, broke the glasses
Then a nigga grabbed my chain and he ran for the limo
What type of real street nigga leave his patna by his self?

When the explicating is done, he takes the last few bars to flex. My chains gone it's all good though, you just made me re-up on a pot of gold/ But don't think it's all good though, you might as well hide in a spider hole, he warns, like he's not talking just to talk.

Quavo Addresses Chain Theft On “Tha Truth”