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Diamond Terrifier’s New Sax-Laden Technospiritual Will Hypnotize You

Produced by Michael Beharie and featuring vocals from Eartheater, it swings from a tranced-out intro to mesmerized rapping with perfect ease.

December 04, 2014

Diamond Terrifier is the solo project of Zs founder Sam Hillmer. Earlier this year, we premiered his really strong "Psycho Tropical Cancer Mixtape," which FADER staffer Emilie Friedlander described as "the Brooklyn musician basically blowing his horn to shreds over a bunch of cut-up tracks from New York underground hip-hop collective Dutty Artz." Today we're debuting his song "Castles," produced by crafty Brooklyn beatmaker and guitarist Michael Beharie, someone we're also big fans of around here. For a lot of the song's three-minute runtime, we hear something akin to the first fifteen seconds of a cosmic disco tune repeating over and over again—insistently re-conjuring its own beginnings, as if in a trance. But then Queens rapper Eartheater comes in, sounding like a mesmerized vessel for some technospiritual deity. This one's a loosie for now, but it's likely to appear on a forthcoming Diamond Terrifier release on Terrible Records.

Photo Credit: Sam Hillmer and Michael Beharie

Diamond Terrifier’s New Sax-Laden Technospiritual Will Hypnotize You