23 Nicki Minaj Hairdos You Might’ve Forgotten

‘Cause it’s her 32nd birthday and no one does it better.

December 08, 2014

Nicki's vibe lately has been natural and pulled together, hair immaculate. It's almost like you could forget about the golden era of Nicki's hair experimentation: 2010-2012. No worries, we've got you covered. In honor of Minaj turning 32 today we've collected 23 of her wildest hairdos from her golden era. Anyone who thinks they're doing something new: no. Nicki's done it.

1. This mint green bob
Bryan Bedder / Getty Images
2. "The Monica" in fiery orange
Frederick Brown / Getty Images
3. This icy shock of hairspray
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
4. The kelly green dip-dye
Mark Ralston / Getty Images
5. The leopard Bride of Frankenstein look
Kevin Winter / Getty Images
5. This fearless updo that kind of looks like half a brussel sprout
Jason Kempin / Getty Images
6. Panel barbie
Bertrand Langlois / Getty Images
7. Sea princess waves
Isaac Brekken / Getty Images
8. This perfect jet-black pageboy
9. And once more in blonde
10. Her Good Morning America wake-up do
Jemal Countess / Getty Images
11. The troll doll bouffant
Kevin Winter / Getty Images
12. This abstract sunrise
13. These twists on steroids
14. That time she kind of looked like a hot, young version of my grandmother
Ben Hider / Getty Images
15. This camoflauge
Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images
16. Red tips!!
Taylor Hill / Getty Images
17. Shirley Temple vibes on fleek
Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images
18. These Donatella-worthy extensions
Larry Busacca / Getty Images
19. This Handmaid's Tale kinda look
Jason Merritt / Getty Images
20. Once more for the A+ accessories
Jason Merritt / Getty Images
21. This next-level neon wig
Ronald Martinez / Getty Images
22. This crazy widow's peak
Jason Kempin / Getty Images
23. The Marilyn
Larry Busacca / Getty Images
23 Nicki Minaj Hairdos You Might’ve Forgotten