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Gage And Kevin JZ Prodigy Fuse Ballroom And Grime

This collab is all verse and no hook—and it’s relentlessly heavy.

December 09, 2014

Gage is a UK-based grime producer whose industrial-grade track "Telo" made a big splash in the scene earlier this year, and Philadelphia-based, sometime Mike Q-collaborator Kevin JZ Prodigy is one of the most prominent figures of east coast ballroom, and today The FADER's premiering their relentlessly heavy collaboration, "Bad Bitch." While on first glance these two scenes might not seem to have that much in common, in fact the cross-pollination runs deep: Night Slugs and Fade To Mind (on which Kevin JZ Prodigy has released with Mike Q) have been pushing a sound drawing from both genres for a little while now, and Gage pointed out some formal commonality between the two in an email with The FADER: "I wanted to capture that relentlessness you get on vocal tracks that are all verse and no hook," he explained. "My own experience of that comes from grime freestyles circa '06, where Kevin's wealth of experience comes from a whole different world. I thought it was important to fuse those two somewhere in the middle." Pretty much nothing can be said for this track that it doesn't say for itself—hit play below and be on the lookout for its December 15th release date on Crazylegs.

Photo Credit: Theo Cottle

Gage And Kevin JZ Prodigy Fuse Ballroom And Grime