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Bang Your Head To Bottoms’ “Goodbye Cruel World”

January 15, 2015

NYC art-punks Bottoms are the latest signees to JD Samson's co-founded Atlas Chair label, and on January 20 they'll release their debut EP on that label. "Goodbye Cruel World" is a real blast from the past, a harsh bit of screaming electro reminiscent of mid-2000s, when electroclash was all the rage. (This is all a good thing.) "Musically, the song was inspired by Terry Riley and the Paradise Garage sound," the band wrote to FADER in an email. "We're really interested in the dichotomy of upbeat music with a more depressing lyrical theme. It's like sad music for the club-- people dancing to a suicide note. Of course with most of bottoms music, there is always a sense of humor. In this way, the music becomes a fair representation of the three of us as people: simultaneously sad and funny, and complex."

Here's some upcoming tour dates too:

1/17 - Brooklyn, NY - Palisades (DFA party)
1/23 - Brooklyn, NY - Secret Project Robot (EP release party)

Bang Your Head To Bottoms’ “Goodbye Cruel World”