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DJ Spoko and Spoek Mathambo’s Band Fantasma Take You To “Shangrila”

Check out the colorful video for the poly-pop supergroup’s new single.

January 20, 2015

Fantasma is a powerhouse team-up between "Bacardi house" pioneer DJ Spoko, South African rapper Spoek Mathambo, and instrumentalists Andre Geldenhuys, Bhekisenzo Cele, and Michael Buchanan. The group's debut LP, Free Love, sees release on March 10 via Soundway, and today they're giving us a taste of that record with the Moonchild-featuring "Shangrila," which is accompanied by the half-animated video above.

"'Shangrila' was a song we wrote the first day we all got together to make music," Mathambo told FADER in an email. "Spoko and I doubled on beatmaking duties, while bheki and andre went in on layering guitar and bass parts. 'Shangrila' originally featured Bheki singing about how all murderers are going to burn in hell...but the summer was more about love and sunshine, so that theme came in. I invited Moonchild to resing the lyrics I laid down, I've always loved the texture and attitude in her voice. The music video is mainly a collab btwn the band and illustrator Otto Splotch from New Orleans that I have been working with since 2013. The Golgotha team from Paris them came in and animated all of the elements."

DJ Spoko and Spoek Mathambo’s Band Fantasma Take You To “Shangrila”