Watch UK MC Isaac Danquah Contemplate His Generation In New Video

The London musician’s clipped accent cuts clean through the gauzy beat of “Introspective.”

January 22, 2015

London MC and musician Isaac Danquah released his debut mixtape, The Boy Meets Man Experiment, towards the end of last year. Nestled at the heart of that release was "Introspective," the brand new video for which The FADER is premiering today. On the track, Danquah muses about his place in the world and the pressures on his generation, his clipped London accent cutting cleanly through a gauzy, horizontal beat by local producer Distinction. The video—directed by João Retorta, who is also responsible for this gem for Moiré—subtly underlines that mood, opening with Danquah biting his lip in front of a 21st birthday cake.

"'Introspective' is one of my favorite songs I have written to date," Danquah told The FADER over email. "It encapsulates my views and perspectives in three verses: what I see, felt, and experienced I poured honesty into that song. I feel like sometimes as a human too much can go on at times—it's quite hard to dream big or aspire or often times be in doubt. I'm no exception to that at all. Sometimes motivation comes from the rarest places, and I wanted to embody what I was trying to do. With the help of Distinction, I think we pulled it off."

Photo credit: Foday Fofana

Watch UK MC Isaac Danquah Contemplate His Generation In New Video